Eco-inquiry has a NEW logo for use on social media. What do you notice? What do you see in the logo? Cyan is a lively, energetic shade of blue, often associated with the colour of the sky. The circular shape of the logo is suspended in space, like we have seen in iconic images of Earth from the moon. You likely see letters: e in the centre, surrounded by c and o for “eco”, and then a sunny i for inquiry, followed by a little tail that represents both a G in Eco-Games and a Q in Eco-inQuiry! The Q will soon represent another exciting chapter of eco-inquiry in the coming months. Stay tuned! Subscribe to the Eco-inquiry website to receive regular updates. You can follow on Instagram & Twitter @ecoinquiry. And you can like our Facebook page at Ecoinquiry. Thank you!

Please visit the next page to learn how-to set up Eco-games and use the matching virtual choice boards.

Wednesday March 22nd is World Water Day! To celebrate the day, Eco-Inquiry is hosting its first ever virtual event the night before on Tuesday, March 21st at 7pm EST. Registration is open now, and it is limited to 20 people. You will learn how to set up three water related Eco-Games in your educational setting; how to integrate the resources in the matching virtual choice board; how to inspire water-related action projects; and how to proceed with a water inquiry with your collaborators. We will share ideas, and celebrate how water can inspire us as a metaphor in our lives. Click on the link below to go to the event registration page.

Eco-inquiry Water Webinar link.

In the news! Read the statement from Greenpeace on the historic UN Ocean Treaty that was agreed at the United Nations at the beginning of March, 2023:

“New York, United States – A historic UN Ocean Treaty has finally been agreed at the United Nations after almost two decades of negotiations. The text will now go through technical editing and translation, before officially being adopted at another session. This Treaty is a monumental win for ocean protection, and an important sign that multilateralism still works in an increasingly divided world.

The agreement of this Treaty keeps the 30×30 target – protecting 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030 – alive. It provides a pathway to creating fully or highly protected areas across the world’s oceans. There are still flaws in the text, and governments must ensure that the Treaty is put into practice in an effective and equitable way for it to be considered a truly ambitious Treaty.” Greenpeace, March 2023

Subscribe to the Eco-inquiry website to receive regular updates.

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