Eco-inquiry has a new logo with the letters ECO in a nautilus shell design, an i in the middle for Inquiry and a little tail at the end for Q for Eco-Quest. It is the colour of sky blue set in black to remind us of Earth set in infinite space. The eye the colour of sunshine and hope in the middle could be you.


To learn more about 15 FREE Eco-Games and their matching virtual choice boards, and how to set them up in your learning environment, go to the Eco-Games page.

Eco-Quest is a journey that leads towards an environmental ethic and eco-action. To learn more about vital behaviours people apply which are making a true difference in the world, go to the Eco-Quest page.


Eco-Inquiry is presenting “Wonderful Wildflowers” at “Spring Into Nature” on Saturday May 6th at Springwater Park. This event is put on by Simcoe County District School Board.

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About Eco-inquiry

Eco-games, choice boards, podcast, playlist, resources, and more!
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