To learn more about 15 FREE Eco-Games and their matching virtual choice boards, and how to set them up in your learning environment, go to the Eco-Games page.

Eco-Inquiry presented “Wonderful Wildflowers” at Simcoe County District School Board’s “Spring Into Nature” on May 6th, 2023. It was a beautiful day of learning outdoors! Thank you to all who attended, and learned how to set up Eco-Games in their learning environment in schools and in their communities!

Eco-Inquiry is excited to be presenting at the Ontario Society of Environmental Educator’s (OSEE’s) annual Eco-links Conference. Click HERE to register.

Eco-Quest is a journey that leads towards an environmental ethic and eco-action. Stage 1: Connect, Care and Compassion, and Stage 2: Curiosity have DROPPED! To learn more about vital behaviours people apply which are making a true difference in the world, go to the Eco-Quest page.

About Eco-inquiry

Eco-games, choice boards, podcast, playlist, resources, and more!
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