I created Flower-quiry so that educators and students can find ways to express complex emotions about the difficulties COVID-19 has brought us, as well as to reflect on ways we have connected and lessons we have learned. March 2021 marks one year of living in the COVID-19 pandemic in Ontario, Canada, where I live. On December 31st, 2020 I wrote to the Canada Post Stamp Advisory Committee about an idea I had for seasonal flower commemorative stamps. They have received my letter, but it can take up to two years for the committee to review suggestions and create new stamps. In January, 2021 I wrote an article to Harrowsmith Magazine which they published in February, 2021. See the forget me not image below for the full article. The purpose of Flower-inquiry is to invite educators and students to delve more deeply into the collective eco-inquiry question: which flower do you think would commemorate the COVID-19 pandemic for Canadians?

Click on the choice board below for you and your students to learn more about the four seasonal flowers that I feel could commemorate the COVID-19 pandemic for Canadians. Next, go deeper into this collective eco-inquiry by trying out the lessons for Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies and The Arts. Please bring your own ideas and creativity to Flower-quiry! I hope these lessons will bring some relief for people trying to find their voice to express their emotions during these challenging times.

Commemorative Flower for COVID-19 Integrated Lesson Ideas.

Literacy: Read the Harrowsmith article, Seasonal Plants to Commemorate 2020 by Jennifer Baron. Write a postcard with your commemorative flower idea with Canada Post’s pre-paid postage postcard. Send it to a friend or family member.

Write a letter to the Commemorative Stamp Committee about which flowers or plants you would like to see commemorate COVID-19 pandemic. Send it to the Canada Post Stamp Advisory Committee. You can reference the Harrowsmith article if you want!

Write a poem about one or all of the commemorative flowers. See examples of flower poems by clicking on the Forget Me Not flower in the choice board below.

Visual Arts: Design your own commemorative stamp. See the link to kleki.com online paint tool in the choice board above.

Draw and paint water lilies like Monet and Sunflowers like Van Gogh. Click on their paintings below for detailed lessons.

Math: Answer the survey to be a part of a growing international movement to declare a commemorative flower for the global COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to go to an anonymous survey – single question – on Survey Monkey.

Design a Survey for your class to see what most people think which flower matches the commemoration of the COVID-19 pandemic for Canadians.

Create symmetrical flower designs by clicking on the forget me not in the choice board below.

Science – Click on the Bittersweet berries. Learn more about the science behind vaccinations and disease control. Learn which plants are very poisonous, like the bittersweet plant, and to never eat a poisonous plant! Continue the Flower-inquiry by researching the science of plants used in medicines.