The Bird Game Virtual Choice Board includes resources to engage students in learning more about birds. It will spark students’ natural inquiry into action projects that can support students to help birds at school, home and in their communities. Click anywhere on the image below to open a Google Slides for the Bird Game virtual choice board and Eco-Game card.

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More resources:

Birds are one group of wild animals that is highly visible in the winter months. Birds Canada and other organizations have observation and Citizen Science programs that are very well organized and would be highly engaging for your students. This can happen if you’ve had to move to online learning: students can safely look out the window to see our feathered friends! Click on the resource links to get you started:

Birds Canada and Citizen Science programs

Citizen Science for Birds At School (including online) such as Backyard Bird Count

TDSB Outdoor Education lesson plan: What Can We Learn From Birds

Project Feeder Watch

Interactive Bird Songs Poster, Minnesota Ministry of Natural Resources

National Bird Day, January 5th annually

What is the secret message for The Bird Game? Crack the Code and find out!

For complete instructions, get Eco-Games for FREE: Teachers Pay Teachers Eco-Games

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For your online students, please see the Eco-Game card below with pre-populated Morse Code symbols. Click on the image to hear the message in Morse Code. Share this sound experience with your students after they have decoded the Secret Environmental Message.


The Eco-Inquiry Podcast, Season 2, Episode 2 is “All About Birds”. It can be watched on YouTube or you can listen to it on Anchor, Spotify or your favourite listening app. Click here: “All About Birds”

The Eco-Inquiry Playlist on YouTube has over forty videos to spark your students’ natural curiosity and to help you bring the outdoors into your classroom, whether in-person, online or a hybrid blend. In this short video, students will see a pileated woodpecker searching for something in tree. Click HERE.

Here are some picture books to support bird observation, appreciation and protection of their habitats. This can spark enjoyment for taking part in Citizen Science projects!

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