Endangered Species

Teaching about endangered species is loaded with tough topics and conversations. I remember learning about the loss of biodiversity in my teenage years and finding it hard to emotionally manage. Children and teens express evermore feelings of eco-anxiety and frustration. Channeling these powerful emotions of fear and anger into action is the main reason I created Eco-Inquiry. Through student-lead inquiry, students can discover programs that will empower them to make a positive difference for animals, plants and ecosystems. This has the potential to set children and youth on a course of action that can lead to a lifelong pathway of responsible environmental citizenship. I’m seeing more and more that it can even lead to a variety of careers in this blossoming field! Environmental educators: these eco-actions are the antidote to eco-anxiety, loss of biodiversity, climate change and a pathway to a more hopeful and sustainable future. Thank you for being a part of the change! Click anywhere on the virtual choice board below to get started.

Here are some images from The Endangered Species Game. Print your own with a FREE download of The Endangered Species Game and a free copy of all 15 Eco-Games, click here: Eco-Games

Endangered Species Eco-Game card. Limiting factors: habitat loss, over-hunting, pollution and climate change.

Here are some books related to endangered species, conservation and habitat protection.