Human consumption of energy and how to solve the problems that correlate are very complicated.  In the Energy Game, students will investigate different sources of energy. From the resources on the Energy virtual choice board, students will learn about energy sources and the complex interactions of their usage. They will decide for themselves what the positive and negative effects of these different sources of energy are on our planet. The first modern oil well was drilled in 1859. That’s less than 200 years ago. Since that time, greenhouse gases have led to unprecedented climate change. Though electrical energy may seem better at first glance, it requires transformation from other sources of energy such as nuclear or hydroelectric, which also have negative impacts on the natural environment. Emerging technologies have created advances in solar, wind and tidal energy. The Energy Game has a rating scale for different sources of energy. However, students can decide for themselves what the rating scale can or should be based on a deeper level of eco-inquiry. Finally, students will discover actions they can take to conserve energy, reduce pollution and be involved in the youth lead climate action movement. 

Click on the Energy Choice Board for it to open in a Google Slide. You can Make A Copy and edit it to suit your teaching and learning environment.

What is the secret message for The Energy Game? Crack the Code and find out!

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The Energy Game signs.
The Energy Game Card

Here are some picture books to support The Energy Game, and also to go deeper into understanding energy sources, the connections to climate change and energy conservation.