Planet Earth

In the Planet Earth Game, students will see that Earth has an incredible diversity of plant and animal life. This life depends on the elements, without which any one life could not exist. This is the systems view of life. The tragedy today is that the human animal is altering the natural environment to such an extent that there is a mass extinction of plants and animals. We are altering the planet’s climate by burning a finite supply of fossil fuels which took millions of years to form. When students begin to realize the massive environmental problems on our planet, they can feel overwhelmed. These big feelings of anxiety come from the deep understanding of knowing one’s connection to the planet and caring deeply about life on Earth. Many students will feel compelled to act to bring about positive changes for the environment. Eco-inquiry’s mission is to help educators support students in this process of becoming aware and taking action. The Planet Earth virtual choice board showcases youth centred environmental organizations. Acting collectively can help people to feel empowered to influence and create real change.

Click on the Planet Earth choice board below to see how. Make a Copy and you can edit it to suit your work with your students. Thank you.

Below are images of The Planet Earth Eco-Game signs and play card. What is the SECRET ENVIRONMENTAL MESSAGE of the Planet Earth Game? Click on this link for a free download on Teachers Pay Teachers. Eco-Games: Outdoor Simulations for Life and Earth Science.

Here are book suggestions to celebrate Earth Day and to help our planet every day!