Rock Cycle

In the Rock Cycle Game and virtual choice board, students will discover the fun of being a geologist and paleontologist. Although the rock cycle is a continuous process, rocks and minerals are formed over millions of years. Therefore, they are considered to be a non-renewable resource, including fossil fuels. Resource extraction removes them from the earth where it took specific conditions and an incredibly long time to create them. Geological time puts into perspective our use of fossil fuels and the cause of radical climate change now. They will learn about the soil cycle as well as the importance of soil conservation. Students will discover actions they can do to live more sustainably, slow down climate change and conserve our Earth’s resources. Click on the Rock Cycle choice board below to Make a Copy and edit to suit your educational purposes.

Here are examples of The Rock Cycle game signs and game cards. What is the secret message of the Rock Cycle game? Crack the code and find out! For a FREE download of this, go to Eco-Games on Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking here: Eco-Games download.

The Rock Cycle Game signs. Just photocopy
and add the Morse Code symbols
The Rock Cycle Game card.

Here are some books to support learning about the rock cycle, soil and climate action.