Trees and Forests

Trees and forests create oxygen and are an essential part of the carbon cycle in the grand systems of Earth. They are necessary for climate regulation. They support an incredible amount of biodiversity on our planet. The Tree Game and Virtual Choice Board includes resources to engage students in learning more about trees and forests. It will spark students’ natural inquiry into action projects that can support students to help trees at school and home, as well as forests in their communities and beyond. Click on any image in the virtual choice board below to get started!

What is the secret message for The Tree Game? Crack the Code and find out!

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Resources to support planting trees and forest conservation:

Trees Canada

One Tree Planted Canada

UN International Day of Trees and Forests

Forests Ontario

Forestry Teaching Kits

Project Learning Tree Canada

Boreal Conservation

Canadian Wildlife Federation Boreal Forest Project

Here are some picture books to support learning about trees, forests and protection of their habitats. This can spark enjoyment for taking part in forest conservation, planting trees and Citizen Science projects!