The Wetland Ecosystems Game Virtual Choice Board includes resources to engage students in learning more about wetlands. It will spark students’ natural inquiry into action projects that can support students to help wetlands, such as marshes and ponds, at school, home and in their communities. Citizen Science projects for wetland animals, like frogs and turtles, are fantastic ways for students to get involved in real-life Science projects and data collection, which connects to Math and Science curriculum. Click on the picture below to get to the choice board. Just Make a Copy and edit to suit your needs. Enjoy!

Wetland Ecosystems contain fantastic creatures, including these astounding aquatic macroinvertebrates on the Eco-Game card below. What is the secret message for The Wetland Ecosystems Game? Crack the Code and find out!

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Here are some picture book suggestions to support The Wetland Ecosystems Game, and also to go deeper into understanding the animals that live in wetlands and what can be done to protect these diverse and wonderful ecosystems.