Eco-Inquiry has a playlist on YouTube with over 40 videos. These include instructions for how to set up Eco-Games in your learning environment. Other videos will spark your students’ natural curiosity and encourage deeper environmental inquiry. These videos are designed to help you to bring the outdoors into your learning environment, whether it is in-person, online or a blend of both. Please see the playlist titles below to help you search for an Eco-Inquiry video that suits your needs.

Eco-Inquiry Playlist on YouTube

Short instructional videos on how to set up Eco-Games:

Eco-Games Video #1

Eco-Games Video #2


Who is at the feeder?

Why are there so many birds?

How many baby geese?

Why does the pileated woodpecker do that?

What is it doing?

Why are the ducks doing that?

Snapping Turtle: what is happening?

Red Fox kits: How many?

What is making that noise?

Who is out at night?

Who made this track?

Who goes there?

What is under this rock?


What are these wildflowers?

The dandelion: flower or weed?

What happened to this tree?


Why does the ice move like that?

Where does all the salt go?

What is happening during spring melt in the ditch?

The Eco-Inquiry Playlist on YouTube