Students of all ages will become engaged in Eco-Games in their schoolyards. They involve scavenger hunts, secret codes, ecological literacy and sparks for further inquiry and action. There are 15 Eco-Games for a FREE downloadJust click on the book cover below. 

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Please have a look at all Eco-Games: Outdoor Science Simulations for Earth and Life Systems, as well as Mapping Skills and Sense of Place, by clicking on the book cover below.  It’s a FREE download and easy to replicate the game signs and cards on 8.5×11 through the photocopier. The simple instructions will help you set up Eco-Games wherever you teach. The manual also includes more resources and extension ideas for eco-inquiry about climate action, biodiversity, endangered species and Earth’s systems. Eco-Games are meant to spark further inquiry for your students to learn more deeply about ecosystems and sustainability. They will learn how to take part in Citizen Science and Action projects that will build practical hope now and in the future. For super-simple instructions, watch these two minute Youtube videos for how to set up and play Eco-Games.

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NEW 2022! Each Eco-Game card has an online version for hybrid players with a matching virtual choice board. Just decode to get the Secret Environmental Message in Morse Code below! Click the image to see an example that you can upload directly into your Google Classroom. Just “Make a Copy”, edit what you wish, and upload it to your online classroom! Listen here to the Secret Environmental message in Morse Code

Each Eco-Game has a matching virtual choice board to deepen knowledge, spark inquiry and engage eco-action. Be sure to visit all Eco-Games on the toolbar above.

Click on The Bird Game Virtual Choice Board below to see an example.

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The Eco-Inquiry Playlist on YouTube has over 40 short videos meant to spark students’ curiosity and inquiry. They are meant to help educators bring the outdoors into the learning environment. Click here: Eco-Inquiry Playlist.

Eco-Games & Virtual Choice Board Rationale:

  • Connect students to learning the curriculum outside
  • High level of student engagement
  • Balance of green time & screen time
  • Use in ANY schoolyard and outdoor educational space
  • Ecosystems Knowledge and Systems Thinking
  • Sparks Environmental  Inquiry and Eco-Action
  • Free, healthy, dynamic, inclusive

Learn more about Eco-Inquiry’s Mission, Values and Vision on Eco-Inquiry’s About page.

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